Big Easy Escapade

Vivian, Wendy, Kate and Lucy take the party to New Orleans for their third girls getaway and Wendy’s last hurrah before she’s hitched. Their French Quarter nights are full of beads, boas, bachelorette kisses and big-ass beers. Things veer off course when new friend Daisy becomes the third exotic dancer to disappear from the Crescent City in a month. Hunky Detective Antonio Robichaux and his by-the-book partner, Eddie Leffall, are on the case, and they want the girls to stay out of it. Old friends Al and Adrienne Russo help the girls chase down bad guys in historic streetcars, airborne airboats and a commandeered carriage, culminating in a chaotic chase for the kidnapper. The Getaway Girlz go beyond Bourbon Street and risk their own safety to help solve the not-so-easy case in the Big Easy.

• Publisher: Rita Rox, Inc.
• Publication date: 8/28/2013
• Series: Getaway Girlz, #3
• Pages: 232


Another fun read from the Getaway Girlz, lots of action, adventure, suspense and, of course, bad guys.   Four best friends helping others thru dangerous tough times… that’s commendable. Sure this is fiction and the plot may seem far fetched for the four girls but I’m liking their style of writing, it’s different from the usual action-adventure-romance novelist. Can only image what the critics were saying about JK Rowling, Steven King or Janet Evanovich when they first hit the scene. That’s… fiction…   Anyway, I’m already hungry for N.O. Cajun food and touring the Quarter.  If you need more reinforcement of the purpose of this series, just read the last paragraph in the ‘About the Authors’, that says it all! Getaway Girlz, you knocked it out of the park!  Cheersed!! DKH-TCH