Rocky Mountain Mayhem

Vivian, Wendy, Kate and Lucy are off to the Rocky Mountains on their second girls’ getaway. Life as a single mom of four is hectic for Vivian. Add to that a recent, contentious breakup, and she is ready for red wine and relaxation. Seemingly innocent oddities — noises in the night, familiar scent of cologne, prickly sense of watchful eyes – culminate in a perilous plunge contrived by the ex-boyfriend who, it turns out, is wanted by the FBI.

Agent Wade Nelson is called in to investigate, and an evening by the fire sparks the flames of romance between him and Wendy. Unwilling to go home until her stalker is caught, Vivian becomes the bait and the Getaway Girlz take on wild whitewater, treacherous trails and animal aggressions to stay alive in this Colorado cliffhanger.

  • Publisher: Rita Rox Inc
  • Publication date: 12/1/2012
  • Getaway Girlz Series: #2
  • Pages: 276


“The book is SASSY and FUN. All women can identify with the escapades of the characters. Couldn’t put it down!”
— Rebecca Lopez, senior reporter, WFAA-TV (Dallas)

“Joan Rylen scored BIG in the first book, of which I hope, will be just the beginning of a long literary career! From the first scenes to the last, Joan keeps her audience wondering what will happen next, it is one of those books that you just cannot put down! I finished reading mine in two days and have waited, for what seems like an eternity, for the next one to come out! I am going to have to order “Rocky Mountain Mayhem” on my Kindle, so I will have the scoop on the new book, before all of my friends! My advice to all who are looking for a good, sexy, action-packed read, to check out, “Getaway Girlz” and “Rocky Mountain Mayhem”, or you may be left out in the cold!”  –MRS. M

“Hey, this was another fun read. The story line was suspenseful & smart with the right amount of fun, adventure & crazy bad guy. If Vivian was my daughter…we’d have a talk! Anyway the plot will keep you asking for more; I’m ready for N.O., or am I?” –Tch-Dkh