The Authors

Johnnell & Robbyn aka Joan RylenMeet Joan Rylen

The women behind Joan Rylen are Johnell Kelley and Robbyn Hill, friends since the second grade. They grew up in Pasa“Get Down”dena, Texas, a suburb southeast of Houston. From Brownies to high school band, these girlz have stuck together through thick and thin…marriages, divorces, births, deaths and of course, destruction.

Their annual girls trips with two other good friends were the inspiration for the Getaway Girlz series. Rocky Mountain Mayhem, the second book, was released in December 2012, the third, Big Easy Escapade, launched in September 2013 and the fourth, Upstate Uproar, was released in March 2015. They’re hard at work on book five, Las Vegas Vengeance and can be seen around Fort Worth, writing in bars and having an all-around good time.

Johnell and Robbyn hope to inspire women, whether they’re 21 or 91, to stay in touch with old friends and take getaways of their own. There’s nothing like a good friend who knows all your stories-the ones so crazy you can’t make them up, and loves you anyway.