Upstate Uproar

The Getaway Girlz — Vivian, Wendy, Lucy and Kate — retreat to upstate New York to help Wendy cope with her fiancé’s disappearance. Instead of lazy lakeside afternoons and picturesque hikes, the girls plunge into a cold case (drowning) and dig up trouble (human remains). Their quaint B&B holds secrets from the past, giving Kate haunting dreams. Lucy’s momentary meltdown brings in much-needed muscle, Pierre La Roche, whom they met in Playa del Carmen on their first getaway. Vivian’s fireman fling, Larson, can’t stop the combustion of boats, houses and automobiles that ensue. Despite the deadly drama, these four friends take on Lake Placid’s tourist attractions and peculiar people, whipping up a dangerous firestorm on this unforgettable Adirondack adventure.

• Publisher: Rita Rox, Inc.
• Publication date: 2/26/2015
• Series: Getaway Girlz, #4
• Pages: 242